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Desperate Housewives Directory

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The purpose of this community is to provide a comprehensive (as possible) community in which people who are interested in Desperate Housewives can find a community that suits their interests.

However, this community can't be an effective archive if people don't speak up about communities. It's hard for the moderator to know about every community out there, which is what this community is about. The Directory isn't complete without reader support and involvement. So please, if you come upon a community that's not in the Archive and possibly little-known, please tell the moderator!

How the Community Works:
1. Send the name of the community you'd like archived to Lea724 at gmail dot com or leave a comment in the latest post. You can send as many as you’d like in one email or comment.

2. You do not have to be a mod or maintainer of a community to inform us of a community to be archived. Anyone is more than welcome to offer up a community.

3. After we've checked out the community, a very small summary of the community will be posted in the master list of communities.

1. The community that you recommend must be on Livejournal. No communities on Greatestjournal, Deadjournal etc. will be archived here.

2. The community must be related to Desperate Housewives in some way.

Posting Access:
This community is run in a newsletter style format, which means that it is a closed community where only the mod can post. However, to watch the community and keep updated on all the new and old communities, simply add the communuity to your friends list!

Credit for rules comes from hp_directory

Moderator: lea724